The Carnivale of Dark Words & Shadows

Doodles in words and scribbles by RingMaster - The Blue Clown

Welcome to The Sideshow of Words & Art inspired by Angel, the Sunshine Muse.

 Within you will find poetry of dark, light and sometimes wicked intentions, artistic       doodles as well as music reviews and blogs nurtured from the serious side of The        Blue Clown working as A&R for and as a music reviewer/interviewer and bio writer for artists.

  Inside the following pages you will find a collection of words and images on a theme:

  1. Words From Within: writings from inside the heart and soul of the human condition, often personal or inspired by reality felt.
  2. Wicked Words: the darkly comic and occasionally disturbing tales of The Wicked Clown, words of the bizarre and of a more shameless persuasion.
  3. Musical Swerves: a collection of reviews, promo pieces and other music related writings.
  4. Gallery of Art Doodles: oh just go look you fools hehe ...

 From a dark heart and shadowy existence tempered and shaped by depths of reality and fear that should never be graced comes the scattered imagination of a lost soul. Dark and uncompromising these thoughts and words represent nothing more than the dark within us all and for some fuel a lifetime.

A taste of what is within.

The One


The glint in her eye, the smell of her skin,

My mind enthralled and senses in a spin,

The flow of her hair and smoothness of curves,

Majestic and radiant......



     Never Tomorrow


If tomorrow never shows,

There will be no tear flows,

Sorrowed eyes in relief remain closed,

A splintered heart no.....


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